The programme of the Liturgies

in the Monastery st. John the Baptist in Ein Karem

April 2022

02.4.2022 – Liturgy in Ein Karem. Commemoration of the dead.
07.4.2022 – Liturgy in Ein Karem. The feast of Annunciation.
09.4.2022 – Liturgy in Ein Karem. The Holy Oil Ceremony.
13.4.2022 – Liturgy of the Presanctified Gifts in Ein Karem.The Great Kanon.
16.4.2022 – Liturgy in Ein Karem. The Shabbat of Lazar.
17.4.2022 – Liturgy in the Holy Sepulchre Church. Palms Sunday.
21.4.2022 – The Great Thursday. Liturgy in Ein Karem.
22.4.2022 – Holy Friday. The great evening prayer. Start at 14:00.
23.4.2022 – Liturgy in Ein Karem. The Great Saturday.
24.4.2022 – Liturgy in Ein Karem. The Easter. The Easter Matins in 8:00. Liturgy in 9:15.
28.4.2022 – Meeting with his beatitudes the patriarch Theophilos in Jerusalem patriarchate. Start at 9:45 am in the morning.
30.4.2022 – Liturgy in Ein Karem.

 The beginning of the services in 8:30 am, except the special above-mentioned cases.

From 8:30 am until 9:30 am the matins service will be read and the confession will take place.

The beginning of the Liturgy in 9:30 am.

For those who will come late before Holy Communion the special prayer will be read.


Priest fr. Nikolay Kulinsky
tel. (mob.):0544-700-965. (WhatsApp group “Monastery in Ein Karem”).

Please call from 18:00 until 22:00.

You can leave the message.

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